Silver Lining

Silver Lining is a Christchurch-based company offering a fine selection of classic styled leather bags. The owner, Rose Percy travels offshore to secure a variety of bags made from high quality hides.

Buy with confidence knowing the products have been selected because of their high quality and classic design.

Product Information

  • light coloured leather may discolour if worn next to dark fabrics eg dark coloured denim, where the colour rubs off onto the bag.
  • travel bags that are packed full MUST be lifted with both handles. Please ensure that you “tie” both handles together if your bag is being loaded in an (for example) aircraft hold, so that luggage handlers also lift a full bag by both handles.
  • leather may dry out and crack if not treated to regular treatments of nourishing cream. Please ask at your local saddle maker or boot maker for a good treatment product.
  • leather may go mouldy if not stored in an area where air can circulate freely. If mould does affect your bag, just dust off and discard cloth in rubbish bin (so as not to spread the mould spores) and sit the bag in the sun for a short time. Take care not to leave in sun for too long in case fading occurs.


  • Our bags are not made in a factory. Subsequently any slight imperfections are characteristic of its beauty.
  • colour in photos may not be exactly the same as bags due to photo quality and the nature of different browsers and screens.
  • all measurements are approximate, as bags are made by hand and therefore measurements vary slightly from bag to bag.
  • all care is taken that the information given on this website is correct. Information may be changed, deleted, added to or amended without notice.